Here we are – My Zdes

Een film van Jaroslav Vojtek uit 2005 over een Slovaakse familie die na WO2 terecht kwam Kazakhstan en na het uiteenvallen van de Sovjet Unie terugkeerde naar Slowakije.


Een film van Jaroslav Vojtek, Slowakije, 2005 van 76 minuten.

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After WW2, the Krnáč family moved from Central Slovakia to Sub–Carpathian Russia. Later, under the Khrushchev decrees, it was forcibly transferred to a village in the middle of the Kazakhstan steps. Following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Krnáč sisters and their families decided to return to their parents’ homeland, a country which they believed to be so clean that it was devoid of flies. According to family legend it was a wealthy land of opportunity. They left Kazakhstan and full of ideals arrived in Slovakia, where they not only found flies, but also poverty and unemployment. After a while, they found work and their children started going to school. However, they remained disenchanted and homesick for the country where they had spent their entire lives. Their father Dimitrij then took a trip to Kazakhstan, but even here he noticed major changes and growing poverty, which convinced him that the decision to move to Slovakia was correct; his inner peace was not restored, however. Jaroslav Vojtek’s engaging documentary allows the audience the opportunity to confront standards of living in two post–Communist countries. It is also a sensitive examination of Dimitrij, whose face reflects the soul of a person uprooted from his homeland, unable to find harmony because he will forever be a foreigner, no matter where he lays his head. Not only a thrilling journey to rediscover the meaning of life, it also a deep contemplation of the importance that concepts such as homeland, nature, family, memory and the past play in an individual’s life.


  • Original title: My zdes
  • Direction
  • Screenplay Marek Leščák
  • DOP Jaroslav Vojtek
  • Editing Maroš Šlapeta
  • Sound Marek Lacena
  • Duration 76 min (46-90 min.)
  • Year 2005
  • Country
    • Slovakia
  • Production