Het verre oosten en de relatie met China

Het ontwikkelen van haar Verre Oosten en Siberie en tegelijkertijd de relatie met aangrenzend China is één van de prioriteiten van de Russische regering. Gezamenlijk hebben de twee landen de mogelijkheid om de laatste ‘frontier’ het laatste ongerepte land op aarde te ontwikkelen. Valdai Club heeft een rapport gepubliceerd met de titel:

№107 Developing the Far East and Chinese-Russian Relations: New Perceptions and New Practices

Gepubliceerd op 3 september 2019 Feng Shaolei, Cui Heng

Hier enkele delen van de conclusies:

Since the beginning of President Putin’s third presidential term in 2012, to achieve the strategic goals of consolidating territories, balanced development between the eastern and western parts of the country, and integrating into the Asia-Pacific fast-growing region, the Russian government established specialized agencies, passed laws and regulations to actively promote a new round of development strategy for the Far East.

Even though this is a long-term strategy and it is hard to expect large-scale breakthroughs within a short period of time, developing the vast frontier in the east and expanding relations with Asian countries is a determined direction of Russian development. Under the framework of strategic conjunction, China and Russia have a bright future in cooperating in the Far East, and China is also searching for a more effective approach to its participation. In the future, the two countries still need to make further efforts in the following fields. The two countries should strive to further assess and inspect the implementation of existing cooperation projects and attach greater importance to their implementation. It is necessary for the government and the academic community to jointly discuss the deep causes for the difficulty in connecting Northeast China and the Russian Far East and ways to achieve solutions.

Primorski krai met hoofdstad Vladivostok

On top of economy and trade, China and Russia should pay more attention to raising the quality of cultural cooperation. Up until now, educational, cultural, and people-to-people communication between China and Russia has played an important role in promoting mutual understanding between the two nations. In the future, more emphasis should be placed on promoting the role of cultural cooperation in shaping the image of both countries and increasing mutual trust. In particular, we should promote deeper interaction among entrepreneurs and think-tanks from both countries, so that through continued interaction both sides can build mutual trust among the business communities, raise questions of mutual concerns, and resolve these questions under the joint efforts by official and intellectual circles.

Russia needs to find a balance between strengthening the role of the state and maintaining market vitality. In this regard, joint efforts by China and Russia may be able to bring new historical breakthrough to the ‘last frontier’, the last ‘virgin land’ on the planet, waiting to be explored.

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